Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory Services

Cyprus is consistently voted as the most attractive European tax regime by major business organizations and tax professionals across Europe. Cyprus has been commended for the stability of its tax laws, the consistency in interpreting its tax legislation and its low tax rates.

Cyprus is the lowest EU-onshore jurisdiction. The standard Corporation tax of 10% is the lowest in the European Union and the lowest ‘non-offshore jurisdiction corporate tax rate’ in the world.

Whilst all this is extremely good news, effective tax planning is still vital. With the assistance of Start Business in Cyprus (SBIC) and their in-house Accountants, it is possible to examine sources of income and identify the reliefs and allowances which may be available within the Republic of Cyprus. Often, the nature and timing of transactions can be important, as can strategic planning to take advantage of tax rates and tax relief in different tax years.


Financial Tax Planning

SBIC, through their in-house Accountants and Financial specialists, aim to assist in tax planning which will arrange financial affairs in such a manner as to minimize overall tax liability. You can benefit from effective tax planning whether you are a sole trader, limited company or a high net worth individual.

With their comprehensive understanding of Tax Affairs, legislation and the government operational structure in the Republic of Cyprus, SBIC and their Financial and Accounting specialists are admirably equipped to provide a bespoke service to you and your company which will ensure you are provided with the optimum Financial Service tailored to your personal and corporate needs.


Financial Wealth Planning

SBIC, together with their Financial specialists are able to provide in-depth specialist independent Financial Wealth Planning reports and strategies for both individuals and corporate clients.

All of the advice provided by our Financial specialists is unbiased and on a totally independent basis. Advice on all aspects of financial planning is available. Including investments, savings and inheritance tax planning.

It is our belief that the wealth of high-value individuals must be fully managed to ensure optimum results. To achieve this, a plan must be formulated and generated which encompasses both goals and objectives and, from which, the success of the initiative can be evaluated.

Investment strategies are formulated, based on your goals and, at all times, a proactive strategy will be implemented to ensure SBIC has a concise understanding of your goals and objectives.

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