Business Location – New Company Structure and Operational Infrastructure

Corporate relocation can be unsettling, expensive and disruptive. When relocating to a foreign country or an unfamiliar region this situation can be exaggerated. SBIC is able to provide the support needed to ensure the least, possible disruption. With their expert guidance and ability to source suitable business premises, they are able to efficiently create a Corporate Structure which is financially viable and an infrastructure which will enable you to operate your business with complete confidence.

Like any change, Corporate relocating can be disruptive and unsettling, however, it can also be a change that invigorates or uncovers new possibilities. Our team of professionals know, and understand, the requirements and concerns faced by Corporate clients when relocating their business in a foreign country, or to an unfamiliar region.

We provide the support and guidance, the care and personal attention needed to lessen the disruption.

Start Business in Cyprus (SBIC) will source suitable business premises, and create the correct, most efficient and financially viable Corporate Structure and Infrastructure to enable you to operate your business with confidence.


Our services include:

  • Identification and vetting of New Premises

SBIC will scope and locate suitable premises within the Republic of Cyprus to accommodate your company operational requirements, ensure telecommunication and transportation links while considering the employee and staff catchment area to satisfy any additional recruitment initiatives required


  • Legal & Conveyancing for Property Leasehold or Purchase

SBIC in conjunction with our team of legal professionals will undertake all of the legal and conveyancing undertakings associated with your property purchase or lease


  • Telecommunications Advice

To support your corporate, telecommunications and internet requirements, SBIC will provide a detailed recommendation to ensure that you receive the best and most effective telephone systems and internet download & upload speeds. For larger businesses, SBIC will also make recommendations relating to your company telecoms distribution, virtual operator systems and high-speed cabling requirements


  • Utilities Advice

SBIC will provide a detailed recommendation relating to the connection and distribution of utilities throughout your chosen premises. Utilities will include, gas, electricity and water supplies


  • Operational Infrastructure

SBIC will consult with you to ensure a precise understanding of your Corporate requirements, from which a bespoke operational infrastructure will be recommended.  This will include, office layouts, I.T. ports, electrical socket locations, machinery location and power sources, In additional, EBS will ensure that any unwanted corporate bi-product i.e. gases, debris, paper are accessible for collection or elimination to ensure full compliance with Health and Safety Regulations


  • Furniture Purchase or Rental

SBIC will consult with you to ensure that all pre-requisite employee requirements are satisfied. These include seating, desk layouts, breakout area facilities, reception areas and the general working environment


  • Visa and Work Permit Services

SBIC will consult with you to determine your staff and employee requirements. In conjunction with our team of recruitment specialists, we will ensure that all of your operational positions are accommodated, and that pre-requisite visa and permit regulations are satisfied


  • Insurance Advice

SBIC will provide comprehensive insurance details that are applicable to your Cyprus Limited Company output type, employee size and operational environment


  • Travel Advice

SBIC upon confirmation of your company location will provide detailed travel advice. Details will include:

.  Travel to and from the Republic of Cyprus to international destinations by air and sea

.  Travel to and from the business location to major cities within Cyprus and specific destinations that are a pre-requisite of the business operation

.  Travel arrangements to accommodate the import and export of goods and materials


  • Vehicles Advice

SBIC will consult with you to determine your Corporate vehicle requirements, in addition to company vehicles required by staff and employees. EBS in conjunction with our professional vehicle prevision specialists will provide options to lease or purchase vehicles to fully support your business operation


  • Storage

SBIC will source and select suitable storage facilities to accommodate your company relocation.  Invariably, a new company floor layout or design will result in there being excess items that must be retained, but cannot always be accommodated within new premises. In addition, many companies have a legal requirement to retain archived documentation for a designated period. SBIC will ensure that suitable fire-proof facilities are available to store documents in a safe environment Appraisal

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