Corporate IT and Business Telecommunications

SBIC understands just how important it is for any business to have in place a specific Corporate I.T. Solution, tailored to its operational requirements. Not only is Information Technology the firm foundation on which your business is built, but it also offers the opportunity to reduce costs, control operating expenses, whilst, at the same time, enabling you to focus on revenue generating opportunities and ‘The business of the business’. SBIC can ensure that your corporate I.T. Solutions are achieved and implemented and are able to fully support your business requirements and I.T. communication needs.

Information is a critical component to your business and therefore it is essential that the asset is protected.

Information Technology is the foundation on which your business is built. Start Business in Cyprus (SBIC), can provide specific Corporate I.T Solution recommendations for your company, and its operational requirements. With our extensive knowledge of I.T. infrastructure and services within the Republic of Cyprus, SBIC will ensure that your corporate I.T. Solutions are achieved and implemented to fully support and accommodate your business requirements and your I.T. communication needs.

The core competencies that SBIC is able to provide include:

  • Managed Services
  • Virtualization
  • Hosted Network Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery


Our services include:

  • Infrastructure Design

We provide recommendations regarding the design layout of all critical technological areas within the company premises and manage the installation of all of your I.T. facilities within the facility. These include:

  • Entrance facilities to the Main Distribution Frame (MDF)
  • Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) rooms
  • Network & server rooms
  • Technical area


Our technology Infrastructure services include design recommendations and value engineering of critical requirements including:

  • Telecommunications Cabling
  • Space planning
  • Riser pathway
  • Project management
  • Facility planning
  • Equipment racks
  • Telecommunication room


  • Business Cloud / Server Configuration

SBIC can provide a Business Cloud solution to your company. Business Cloud can be summed-up as I.T. solutions delivered to you, over the internet, as a service

SBIC will make recommendations for a Cloud-based server configuration, ensuring the provision of business continuity and accessibility anywhere in the world, by the utilization of Microsoft Office 365 which provides everything that is required to work, share and communicate in one package


  • Hardware recommendations and deployment

SBIC can provide recommendations on hardware requirements for each computer, upon your approval, deploy the hardware items to the nominated P.C’s and server


  • Software recommendation and deployment

SBIC can provide recommendations on generic operational software requirements for each computer, in addition to any other specific software that SBIC considers will enhance your business operation. This may be at P.C. level or server level. Upon your approval of the SBIC recommendations, we will deploy and install the software items to the nominated P.C’s and server, and ensure that it is fully functional


  • P.C. Configuration Structure

SBIC can undertake a full review of all operational P.C’s to ensure their capabilities in conjunction with their proposed usage and make recommendations on memory capabilities, software utilization, internet capabilities, including the exclusion of access to specific sites, as necessary. In addition, SBIC will make recommendations regarding P.C. quantities and their operational usage, which may result in an overall reduction of P.C’s due to shared facilities


  • Remote Desktop Management

SBIC can review your existing P.C. configuration and advise on the most efficient method of Remote Desktop Management for your needs. Generally, this falls into two main areas. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) a Microsoft product built into all Windows operating systems or Remote Framebuffer (RFB) which will operate cross-platform. In addition, for a large number of remote P.C’s SBIC will make recommendations which may include VNC (Virtual Network Computing). This form of management will ensure that all I.T. issues are addressed efficiently and with the minimal amount of disruption


  • Corporate Websites

A Corporate website needs to capture the image, integrity and professionalism of a company. Graphics, page layouts and color palettes are all essential to how the user perceives a company when visiting their website. A correct web design ensures that information is conveyed to the users in the most direct, user-friendly and usable manner.

SBIC will provide specific Corporate I.T Solution recommendations. With the extensive knowledge of I.T. infrastructure and services within the Republic of Cyprus, SBIC will ensure that the Corporate I.T. Solutions are achieved to fully support and accommodate your business requirements and your I.T. communication needs.


Our services include:

  • Corporate Identity

The visual representation of an organization, including its logo, design, typefaces and colors, as well as its philosophy are vital to the success of a corporate website. SBIC can provide recommendations and suggestions to ensure that your company website is displayed in the most sophisticated and appropriate manner to enhance your business


  • Website design:
  • E-Commerce

E-commerce solutions require a multi-faceted development skill that not all web design companies are able to offer. Although it’s important for a site to look good, the primary function of an e-commerce solution is to sell, and to do this requires strong technical skills. SBIC are able to offer fully tailored e-commerce solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing processes and systems – providing you with an additional sales resource

  • Content Managed Systems

SBIC are able to create a website that enables the owner to create and edit web-content without the requirement for any technical skills whatsoever. SBIC, can undertake amendments to your existing website or assist with the design and build of an entirely new site


  • Search Engine Optimization

The search engine platform has changed dramatically over the last few years. Google, Yahoo and Bing compete fiercely across the globe, while search engines like Yandex rule in Russia and Baidu performs strongly in China

Even the search results look different. There are now videos and images in Google’s search engine result pages, as well as real-time streams fed by Twitter and Facebook updates, social results, news, maps and a host of other enhancements. And Google now automatically personalises results for each searcher. All this means that a website that seems to rank well for you currently, may rank poorly elsewhere

SBIC are able to recommend a cost effective SEO service which is implemented ethically and strategically, to ensure that your website reaches its optimum position across numerous search international engines


  • Logo’s

Logo design is integral to your business where it is a visual representation of your company’s brand, identity, and credibility. It’s vital that a company logo is correct. SBIC will consult with you to determine your company’s goals and structure, before providing you with logo suggestions for implementation


  • Flash Animation

Flash websites are more likely to deliver your company’s message and meet the goals of your online audience. Through the use of Flash development, your organization can be set apart from its opposition by engaging your users, and providing the ability to interact with your brand. SBIC can provide a flash-driven, user-friendly development that delivers the highest quality, data-rich interactive application to your online visitor




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