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corporate legal services

Start Business in Cyprus (SBIC) are able to provide our clients with strategic advice, knowledge of the business environment and assistance in establishing their infrastructure.

All of which is extremely important with regard to the formation of a Cyprus and off-shore Limited Company.

Our in-house legal professionals offer all the pre-requisite Corporate services required for the company incorporation process with the Department of Registrar of Companies in the Republic of Cyprus.

Whichever kind of business plans you have, SBIC can assist you in establishing the infrastructure, including opening a corporate bank account and appointing a Lawyer and Accountant, both services SBIC can provide in house. Our Company Lawyers understand the business climate in Cyprus and are experienced in Company incorporation. Vital and extremely valuable knowledge when starting a new business in a foreign country.

SBIC will assist you in keeping within your plans and to budget. Our legal team will collate and file all the necessary documentation with the Registrar of Companies and make the required payments on your behalf to incorporate your Cyprus Limited Company.

Many tax experts consider Cyprus to be one of the best places to register holding companies.

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