Company Corporate Services

EBS Consultancy Services Ltd (EBS) in house team of legal professionals are able to offer a professional, efficient service for the formation of a Cyprus and off-shore Limited Company, and the pre-requisite Corporate services required for the company incorporation process with the Department of Registrar of Companies in the Republic of Cyprus.

Cypriot Limited Companies are based on the tax legislation of the Republic of Cyprus. Compliant with Cypriot legislation, Limited Companies are not considered “offshore companies”, and may be used for both internal (within Cyprus) and international activities.

Our services include:

  • The incorporation of a Limited Company within the Republic of Cyprus

An application must be made to the Registrar of Companies for the approval of the name.  Following approval of the Company name, our legal team will collate and file all of the necessary documentation with the Registrar of Companies and make the required payments to incorporate your Cyprus Limited Company. Actions undertaken include:

•  Registration of your Cyprus Limited Company name
•  Incorporation of your Cyprus Limited Company (inclusive of government fees)
•  Memorandum & Articles of Associations
•  Common Seal and Company Stamp
•  Share Certificate
•  Company Business Profile
•  First Directors’ Resolution

  • The provision of a Nominee Director

EBS can act as a non-executive director on the board of directors of your Cyprus Limited Company. The appointment will not enable the Nominee to have any control over your Cyprus Limited Company or influence the day to day running or management of your Cyprus Limited Company

  • The provision of a Nominee Company Secretary

EBS can act as Corporate Company Secretary to your Cyprus Limited Company. The appointment will not enable the Nominee to have any control over your Cyprus Limited Company or influence the day to day running or management of your Cyprus Limited Company

  • Provision of Registered Office Details within the Republic of Cyprus
  • Opening a Corporate bank account in the Republic of Cyprus for your Cyprus Limited Company

Identifying the structure of your Cyprus Limited Company is a major element in dictating its future success or failure. There are several different company structures which may be utilized for your application. The structure best suited to your industry should be nominated.


Cyprus Holding Companies

This company structure is not involved in any active business, however, owners hold shares of stock in other companies, partnerships, funds, bonds, patents, trademarks, and other types of value. It is also ideal for those who do not wish to share responsibility with any debt incurred by the business they have invested. Nevertheless, they gain income through dividends sent to them on a regular basis.

Advantages of Considering the Republic of Cyprus as Haven for Holding Companies

Many tax experts have considered Cyprus one of the best places in registering holding companies for the following reasons:

•  Foreign dividends are exempt from tax, which mean you can purchase shares of stocks from foreign companies and receive into your bank account without worrying about taxes
•  Non-application of capital gains tax for sale or transfer of securities, including liquidation of participation of the Cyprus Company itself
•  Non-application of net worth taxes for the life of the Cypriot Holding Company
•  Non-application of withholding taxes on outgoing royalties, interests, and dividends irrespective of the country of the recipient
•  Application of interest deduction for borrowing costs that have been provided
•  Non-requirement for VAT registration and compliance
•  The absence of strict pricing rules transfer
•  Low tax duties on the establishment of companies


Group Finance Companies

This type of company structure is involved in sourcing external debt finance, accumulating interest income, optimizing tax of high tax country group operating companies and redistributing funds within the group. You are best establishing this type of company in Cyprus due to the following favorable conditions:

•  Low over-all tax burden
•  Absence of thin capitalization
•  Reasonable level of “margin” from tax authorities
•  Providing loans to countries where Cyprus Double Tax Treaties exists for low taxes on the interest gained or non-applied to your company at all
•  Application of tax deductibles on interest payments provided to Cyprus Financing Company
•  Fulfilment of inter and intra-company financial management functions like working capital requirements and provision of project financing

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